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Thursday’s lesson: Affected Provincialism

June 1, 2007



Yesterday, I began reading The Affected Provincial’s Companion, by Lord Whimsy.
The effect was rapid and remarkable. By lunchtime today, I had already acquired my own lush conservatory, in which to cultivate the atmosphere of “bucolic exuberance” that Lord Whimsy recommends:


Who is the Affected Provincial? He prefers “personal folklore” to “lifestyle”. She is a “gentleman amateur”. He comprehends the body’s “satorial tolerance zones” and the rituals of dress, but understands equally why metrosexuals are emphatically not the new dandies (finally someone gets it!). She is, perhaps, a retrosexual. She is “a sleepless autodidact who lurks on the periphery, dabbling in this and that–mostly getting it wrong, but sometimes discovering or creating things that more methodical or prejudiced minds might overlook or dismiss out of hand”.

A taxonomical speculation: is the Affected Provincial merely a Gamesman, or Lifeman, who has no interest in winning?


Chances are that the true Affected Provincial, like Lord Whimsy himself, is a lepidopterist. There’s probably a lot to be said about this hobby.
Vladimir Nabokov was a lepidopterist. The Affected Provincial’s life is a hobby.

I will not record anything else about these matters–it seems to me that even if butterflies are specimens to be observed and charted, Affected Provincials are not. And besides, I need to spend more time studying how to achieve a limpid wrist, a verdant lapel…

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  1. June 6, 2007 9:28 pm

    I’m learning.

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