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June 19, 2007

Tonight’s post comes from Bradford, and coincides with the BBC (local network)’s screen of celebrity interior designer Linda Barker’s thoughts on the very necessary proposed regeneration of the city, as well as an interview with local art father David Hockney in which Hockney spoke at length about the immenent smoking ban.  These are both issue of exterior design.  Hockney spoke about the smoking ban as being somehow not “adult”, which is a judgment that can probably be extended to most other things in Britain.  I suppose the remark was supposed to be pejorative, which is peculiar.  Is David Hockney an adult?  I wouldn’t want him to be.  Anyway, the point isn’t about smoking, but about Bradfordianism… Hockney only sounded convincing because he’s from Bradford.  And he was looking remarkably less delapidated than this:


The semi-maverick Corbuserian architect and planner Will Alsop (who’s responsible for the OCAD building in Toronto, which is the connection between one of my homes and the other) has plans to reconstruct the centre of Bradford with a lake in the centre, greenery and glass, buildings that look like opening flowers.  One of his ideas is a “sensory garden”.  These are just pipe dreams, but the city paid half a million pounds for him to have them. 


I felt that the city was on the point of growing into a vast garden of its own accord today, but that was mostly to do with the bucketloads of rain, and my fecund mood.





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  1. June 19, 2007 11:21 am

    Do you understand that this site is quickly becoming one your most important works?
    Good words.

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