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A very pleasant group of people

September 27, 2007


Last night I made a bit of a performance at The Boat in Toronto.  Here are some videos of the performance, — their main value to me is that they remind me what a lovely, generously responsive set of people had come out to watch me on a Tuesday night.  I’m grateful to all of them.

Giving Up The Ghost starts with the line, “I sailed off the edges of the earth”, beginning the evening’s series of quite shambolic songs using aquatic or nautical themes. The youtube-compressed sound makes me sound even more lo-fi than I actually am. My electronics are sounding more rustic than ever.

The star of the second video is the bird hat designed and crafted for me by Kate Davies, otherwise Special Kate, otherwise Alaska Blue.  Having had enough of all these fish-eating sailors (borrowed from Brel), tigersharks, and catfish, the bird decides to take flight in search of dry land.

Huge gratitude to Jessica and Katherine for filming the third video this one with much better sound, as far as these things go).  My Girlfriend Was Insulted by a Futurist Artist is a little song that nicks lines from Eno, Momus, Ford Madox Ford, the Sex Pistols and Katherine Mansfield en route to telling a sorry tale about macho modernism and its feminine relative, circa 1916.

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  1. Jaclyn permalink
    September 27, 2007 2:15 pm

    Wonderful! I wish I could have been there. (I do hope Idle Tigers will be doing a UK show soon.)

    Now . . . are you wearing a kimono or just a short house-coat?

  2. September 27, 2007 2:53 pm

    It’s very post, post modernist and it could almost be a Stars Forever out take, positively speaker blowing in places too! hahaha!

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