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Next month’s two-date tour

December 29, 2007


Here’s how Idle Tigers will start 2008: with two January shows, both on the same bill as my esteemed friends Pants and Tie, whose bloody brilliance I already commented on, here. It will be a pleasure to warm up the stage for these gents and I intend to do so with a bit of dancing.

The first show is on the 4th of January, at the Alex P Keaton in London, Ontario. This is a town that I’ve certainly never been to before, but I look forward to seeing it.

The second show is back at The Boat in Toronto on the 31st, and will also feature Singleaf, and Secret Japanese Girlfriend, the new name for the old project of Doc Pickles, the ace and charming Wavelength-involved fixture on Toronto’s music scene who gave a rather memorable spoken introduction to my Wavelength show in October.

Also in January, I might release a few hints as to the sound / image of The Spirit Salon, which will be released a couple of months later.

Here are the show details:

4th January: London, Ontario — Alex P Keaton.  Pants and Tie + Idle Tigers

31st January: Toronto — The Boat.  Pants and Tie + Idle Tigers + Singleaf + Secret Japanese Girlfriend

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