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100 posts of lazy idle little scheming

January 21, 2008

My blog stats inform me that this is my hundredth post — so having a blog with 100 posts is in fact the subject for this, my hundredth post.

I began that blog in May of last year. A hundred posts in eight months isn’t exactly well-prolific superblogging, but for a lazy idle little schemer like me, it’s not too shabby a performance.

I’ve had no fixed subject, but have persued a few enthusiasms almost to death. It seems to me that if blogging were good for anything, than that would be the pursuit of enthusiasms — enthusiasms that are weird, fluid, relevant by virtue of their irrelevance — rather than the tackling of fixed subjects.

According to all official documentation my “occupation” (as if I’m not capable of occupying myself!) is to chase after knowledge in an exaggeratedly professionalised manner. Coming from a time and place where “professor” did not mean “professional”, I naturally resent the recent behaviour of the education industry, but that’s another story. But just supose that blogging, or let’s call it being an unprofessional little gobshite, is more important than ever.

Speaking of employment and occupations: a few years ago I was looking all over the place for some temporary employment. I remember seeing an advertised job, suggesting that “fun, friendly and enthusiastic” people should apply. I ruled myself right out of that one, being neither fun, nor friendly, nor enthusiastic… But that was then. Nowadays I’m really enthusiastic.

With that, I’ll make a highly breakable promise to write more words about more things.

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