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The rented boy

February 17, 2008

I wasn’t at all expecting to be playing a show on Friday night when I woke up that morning, but I got an email asking to hire me for an “emergency gig”, so snapping out of idleness and into urgency I threw together a little set to open the proceedings at Toronto’s Rancho Relaxo.  This was part of what I understand to be a tentative new series hosted by the Two Way Monologues people.  If this does become an established series then I can say with either pride or shame (depending) that the first set played involved me banging on about teaching children the value of politeness and covering Billy Cotton’s I’ve Gone and Lost My Little Yo-Yo.

Anyway, the Two Way Monologues website gives a good indication of the ruddy health of Toronto’s music busy-ness, for which we should all be grateful. And thanks to them for having me.  I was going to attempt some crackpot theorising about the difference between a two way monologue and a dialogue, but I don’t know.. I’m going idle again and will leave that to others.

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