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The Merry Month of May

May 9, 2008

As I suggested on its completion, The Spirit Salon is truly an autumn record, but last week I celebrated the imminent release of the record with a May Day show at Toronto’s Cameron House. Here, for the archives, is a collection of sounds and images from the night. All photos are by Virginia LeBlanc, of course.

Here is the Small Electrical Lieutenant’s May Day address…

The Small Electrical Lieutenant’s May Day address
Welcome! I congratulate you on your attendance.
A Spirit Salon occurs whenever two or more ghosts — who have no apparent business with each other — congregate in an atmosphere for polite conversation, light entertainment, or base treachery.
As for me — a gentleman without pressing responsibilities — my association with Idle Tigers began when he conjured me from a Civil War battlefield in the regrettable north of England. Since then I have found him to be a piddling pansy pasticheur, a one-trick pony aspiring to the condition of a clothes horse, a pop singer without a public, a moron mingling with gusto amongst eminent Victorians, famous pederasts, lower-league footballers. He ought to pull his socks up.
Ah good! It would seem that another Summer of Love is upon us. Here is my advice (it’s a thing I carry around with me): this summer, keep very quiet and stay in one place. Travel narrows the mind. Put your trousers on.
and Suprise them when they’re most expecting it!
— The Small Electrical Lieutenant

(A performance of the song concerning the Lieutenant can be heard via a link below.)

Joining me in performing at the Cameron House’s lovely little theatre-like stage were Katherine Sheng Morrison and Pants and Tie. I’ve already enthused about Pants and Tie; here’s a little video that was made of their enormous summer pop song (that’s what it would be, in a perfect world, anyway):

My closing set began with a dance by the very charming Katherine McLeod, performed to my song Treat Me Like a Fairy.

This collaborative friendliness joy continued as Pants and Tie joined me at the end of the evening for performances of Jonah, Light Entertainer In Prison, and Jake Thackray’s Pass Milord The Rooster Juice. Below you can find links to a video of Light Entertainer…, complete with Bruce Forsyth-inspired ending, and a recording of the Thackray song.


The Small Electrical Lieutenant live
Pass Milord The Rooster Juice live with Pants and Tie

Light Entertainer In Prison, with Pants and Tie:


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