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Dig metaphors

July 1, 2008

Let me just note how wonderful it is to finally have a blog from Lauren Kirshner on the internet (after about a three year resistance, as far as I can tell). If it’s special writing — writing that would be interesting even if it was only about itself — that you’re after, Lauren’s the person to go to. It just so happens, though, that she also offers a great lot of factual, sensorial and emotional information about a whole range of literary subjects that you might be under-familiar with, unless (like Lauren) you happen to be both North American and extremely well-read (which means having actually read what you’ve read well, rather than simply having read a lot of it).

Lauren’s latest post about metaphors got my attention, because an audacious and fantastical sounding of metaphors is something that her own fiction simply chimes with. McClelland and Stewart publish Lauren’s novel next spring. Widely, it will be quite rightly celebrated for its emotional honesty, its astuteness and its unpretentious weighing of sadness and joy. Leave it to me to make the observation — less likely but equally true — that the prose sometimes gets as opulent as that of Huysmans. Whether these stones are unearthed or unearthly is beside the point.

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