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A thing of beauty

July 8, 2008

Images from Bradford:

Hamm Strasse, one of Bradford’s German streets. Most of the Germans who came to Bradford in the nineteenth century were German Jews, hoping to do alright for themselves in the textile industry. Most converted to the various strands of Protestantism usually preferred by capitalist venturers.

Mosques like this are a welcome improvement to the skyline. This is fairly old news, though. In the same district I noticed the first few Polski skleps on Manningham Road. There also seems to be a growing population of Chinese students in Bradford. Given a bit of time to phonetically settle, the Chinese-Bradfordian accent will certainly be a thing of beauty.

The great mills: Lister’s Mill (Manningham) and Salt’s Mill (Saltaire).

The writing on this post says: Ke-Hoe luvs his mum and his curtains (hair) since yr4

Images from Hull:

View of Hull city centre. I have a weakness for Hull. I’m interested in docks and ports, and Hull has been home to Andrew Marvell, John Prescott, William Wilberforce and Maureen Lipman, amongst others. Also, speaking of accents: prettiest regional accent in England, easily.

The Humber estuary. Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe set sail from here, you know.

Rays and sharks in Hull’s aquarium.

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