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They’re always ready to fight… or to sing

September 6, 2009

Get a load of the backing vocals on the theme tune to Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds — and that odd slashing part, the sound of this sneaky song running you through with its rapier until you’re fairly happy about it.

There’s so much here that should repel me – the declaration of Royalist allegiance, the “yeah-kind-of-cool” retro-kitschy appeal and the accompanying fear that I’m turning into – but then this is a complex and contrary little ditty. Note the brief moment of hesitation: “All for one and one for all can sound pretty corny” and then the final suggestion that this Muskehound business might be all one big laugh – “sharing everything with fun, that’s the way to be.” I’d say this displays the right amount of gaiety for a Spanish-Japanese cartoon about fighting fop-dogs. They’re always ready to fight or to sing… and who can say as much for themselves?

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