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Who unearth is Ernest Hello?

October 8, 2009

There are two Ernest Hellos. One of them was a well-connected man of letters in nineteenth century Paris, a complicated Catholic with connections to some of the more mystical strains of French literature. This Ernest Hello no longer exists.

The next Ernest Hello hasn’t really much to do with the first. This Ernest Hello is claiming, slyly, to be responsible for the release and promotion of the new Idle Tigers album. And he also sings, shyly, on some tracks by Young Truck. You can hear them below. Like the Symbolists who followed on from his namesake, he’s just an unearthly kind of voice, his mind full of vapour, his body not substantial at all. It’s not yet clear what his intentions are.

These might still be tweaked by the supremely brilliant Young Truck, but here are a couple of song pieces for now: Teethcake, a sparse electronic song suitable for morning listening; and The Angler, which is a crucifixion image as visioned by a boy on a fishing trip with his dad.

Give us a nug!

Young Truck + Ernest Hello, Teethcake
Young Truck + Ernest Hello, The Angler

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