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What are you doing here?

January 10, 2010

More than a little self-regarding, this. I decided to discover what search terms, in the whole history of the The Ideal Tiger, have caused people to come to this blog. Here are the top-ten terms, with similar terms added together:

1. lego. Lego? Ah yes, Lego! Sometimes, more speifically, “what to do when lego goes up vacuum cleaner”. Glad to help!
2. highwayman.
3. nu rave. Unfair – I only mentioned nu rave once, and that was years ago, and certainly not with a friendly smile on my face.
4. panda bear person pitch. Again, resulting from a single mention of a record that I have a moderate amount of respect for.
5. baby dee.
6. idle tigers. Good to know that someone cares.
7. the spirit.
8. cottingley fairies.
9. plus twos.
10. cricket insect.

Other popular searches include “adoration of the magi” (especially around Christmas time), “ghost shrimp”, “jake thacrkay”, “hauntology”, “huysmans”.

You know, I thought I’d been wasting my time, but I see now that I’ve created a world made of lego in which plus-two-wearing highwaymen run amok amongst the fairies and the ghost shrimp, soundtracked by the songs of insects, Baby Dee, Jake Thackray and myself.

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