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More Phizmiz

August 16, 2010

I’ve been a bit busy with writing and making things recently – some songs and sound pieces will be put up here soonish – so for now I’ll be just casting brief glances at some notable items.

First on the agenda is to follow up on my recent post about Ergo Phizmiz’s opera The Mourning Show (in which Chris Evans’s mind is destroyed). The opera is, I believe, touring around a bit at the moment and video extracts can be seen over at the composer’s blog. In the meantime, though, this fascinating fellow has released a new album called Things To Do And Make, and as luck would have it, it’s a marvelous, manically-arranged set of odd pop songs.

Of course the danger with explorations in the realm of somewhat foppish English eccentricity is that the whole thing can become a big complacent exercise in self-congratulation. And I should know – because this is, I’m told, my milieu. Make no mistake, there’s plenty of Viv Stanshallish received pronunciation, banjo and/or ukulele, ghosts of old tea-time strings here, but the whole thing is kept brilliantly on edge by the genuinely surprising arrangement, executed with the same mad focus with which Mr. Phizmiz approaches his sample-based electronic pieces.

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