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Bookish Lending Library

August 20, 2010

Continuing to pass quick notes on things that should be celebrated – Simon Bookish recently made his first two records available to download at no cost whatsoever, over on his Soundcloud page. Now, for the uninitiated – the third Bookish album, Everything / Everything, is the one that took a huge leap stylistically, subjecting the clever and off-centre art/pop song to precisely plotted Steve Reichean woodwind and brass arrangements. The electronic pop singer Simon Bookish is also the composer Leo Chadburn, and Everything / Everything is the record on which these two identities really join together.

Nevertheless, the two earlier records shouldn’t be missed. Unfair / Funfair is a collection of unadulteratedly electronic songs in which Richard III and handsome girls at the disco alike are filtered through the same aggressive machinery. Trainwreck / Raincheck is an oneiric wander through glitchy soundworlds and illogical narratives (here you start to wonder what the dreamworlds of Inception would be like if the dreamers weren’t so apparently bereft of imagination).

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