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Come On In My Kitchen (part one)

January 20, 2011

Scrap was sitting in the kitchen thoughtfully bashing his brains against the table-top.

Upon concluding, Scrap proceeded to empty several packets of beef and onion crisps into a large plastic bowl, for later in the evening. He put some oily olives into a little dish, and placed thick squares of cheese on a tray with a pair of knives laid out flat beside them. He left all these items on the table, completely unattended, exposed to the world. The thinking behind this was that any of the people who might end up talking and standing around like warriors in his kitchen would be able to help themselves to a handful of crisps completely free of charge, without even having to ask permission of Scrap (the proper owner of the crisps), since such a request may have caused embarrassment to the person confronting their undeniable appetite for beef and onion crisps. The same goes for the olives and the cheese. That’s management. Scrap was pleased with this arrangement.

The characters who were probably going to stand around in his kitchen ought only to take a moderate handful of crisps, mind you. Otherwise you’d end up with some harlequin or other who’d plonked himself in the wrong corner of the room standing sullenly with an empty stomach then going home in a tantrum. That’s how things are in this circus of a life. Scrap would be keeping an eye on these matters.

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  1. January 21, 2011 4:19 pm

    I hanker after (part two).

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