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Other people’s opinions

A collection of links to writings about Idle Tigers by the music press, or other people who have words in their head.


Exclaim! album review: August 2008

Everybody’s Talking: Review of The Spirit Salon, June 2008.

Weirdo Music: review of The Spirit Salon, June 2008.

Jonny Opinion’s Spirit Salon review: The best review of The Spirit Salon ever written.

Antenna: May 2008. Because of my translation limitations, I’m still not sure quite how the author of this Japanese review feels about the album. Nevertheless, I admire the review very much.

Now: Toronto’s Now Magazine give me one star more than Beck.

Eye Weekly: My archness overwhelms them. Very well.

Birds Too Tired To Fly: a nice mention of my August ’08 show at the Drake.

Lonely Vagabond: the benevolent and unknowable overlord of Toronto’s music scene ghosts into my show at the Drake.

Exclaim!: a brief and generous review of a difficult performance, April 2008

Culture Deluxe live review: a review of a show in London, June 2008.


Wavelength interview: an interview shortly before my performance at Toronto’s Wavelength series, October 2007.

Scenepointblank interview: May 2008.

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